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Kalibrierung Platzhalter


Kalibrierung Platzhalter


Kalibrierung Platzhalter


Kalibrierung Platzhalter


Kalibrierung Platzhalter

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Calibration and accreditation - quality recognised worldwide

Systems Engineering delivers high level calibration service. Quality means precision, and precision must be verified regularly to be still on top. This is due to measurement equipment of any enterprise - and also to the calibration service charged to calibrate their instruments.

Our accreditation under EN ISO / CEI 17025 guarantees the linking up of all standards used in the laboratory with the national standards. If a company is certified under ISO 9001, the traceability also from its measurement equipment to the national standard is required. Systems Engineering complies fully with these requirements.

The mutual recognition of national calibration certificates is guaranteed: As the equivalent of the he RvA in the Netherlands, the BELAC in Belgium and the UKAS in Great Britain, the DAkkS is the German accreditation organization which has signed the multilateral agreements (MLA) within the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA). And the ILAC arrangement provides this recognition worldwide. Nowadays the former DKD has been transformed to the DAkkS.


Certificate of accreditation

Certificat of accredition and technical annexe

Systems Engineering is accredited for the measured quantities mentioned in the technical annexe of the adjoining accredition certificate.

To open this PDF (147 KB), the Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here, if not installed yet.